Kansas City Limos Pricing Policies

You'll notice that we don't have a list of prices on this page, but we have an explanation! In order to pass on the savings to our customers instead of bumping up our profit margin, we base our pricing on many different variables that change on a daily basis. This allows our customers to get the lowest prices possible! Any of our repeat customers would be glad to tell you that our prices are well worth the quality of service that you'll receive.

Many potential customers make the decision to avoid professional transportation because they believe that it will be simply too expensive, but that's not true! There are even options you can take advantage of in order to get the lowest rate possible. Budget-friendly groups can split the cost for an easy per-person rate or avoid busy areas such as weddings and prom season. Here at Kansas City Limos, we look out for you!

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Are you ready to call for a quote? Be sure to let our booking agents know where you'll be going, how many passengers you'll have, and when you will need service. This is all the information they will need to get you an accurate price quote that includes absolutely everything. Give us a call when you're ready to reserve your limousine!.Learn more about us.

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