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It has been happening for awhile. A growing number of couples are hiring a wedding videographer in addition to their wedding photographer. You might wonder what the reason for this is. One of the main reasons is that a high quality wedding videographer does not just setup a camera and record everything that happens at your wedding from start to finish. A really good one will create your very own wedding movie or film. What is the difference? Well, with the equipment that is available now a days, a videographer is able to capture near Hollywood quality video and audio. They also have expertise in editing your wedding into a story form. Another awesome aspect of videography is is the ability to capture much more than just still pictures. Video includes movement, sound, action and can be editing to provide for a maximum emotional effect. Future generations will be able to truly experience exactly what your wedding day was like. But again, this all only works out if you are able to find and book a high quality professional videographer in the Kansas City area. Below we have provided some advice on how to do just that.

So, the question is, who should you consider to be your wedding videographer and who should you not consider. You will need to start doing some research before you can come up with a list of potential candidates. Start your search by looking online. You can always do a Google search for “wedding videographers in the Kansas City area.” You can also look at wedding vendor sites like The Knot. And the beauty of the vendor sites is that you can narrow your search by vendor type and location. There is no doubt that you should be able to find a very high quality videographer in the Kansas City area. Individual wedding videographers should have a very high quality website setup for your perusal. If it is not well put together, then we suggest that you move onto the next candidate. We recommend that you have a working list of at least 5 candidates before you setup any interviews. Check to see if they are available for your wedding date. Once you know this, it is time to interview them.

One of the main things that you want to be concerned with is the videographer's style. Have them describe what their style is and determine if this is a style that you would like to see your wedding captured in. Ask to see an entire unedited video of a wedding they have captured. Are the shots and angles that you see appealing to you? Find out of they have a degree in film-making. Will they attempt to create an actual story for your video footage? Are they a highly skilled video editor? A professional videographer might spend upwards to 60 hours during the editing process. Remember that you get what you pay for, this kind of work is worth paying well for. How much will their service cost you? Look at their packages. Is there one that fits you perfectly? What is their mode of operation at a wedding? Do they like to be in the forefront all of the time or will they be in the background where they are hardly noticed at all. Are they willing to coordinate their shooting with your photographer? How would this be done exactly?

What kind of experiences have they had? How many weddings have they captured? What do they love about being a wedding videographer? Make sure that you look at their portfolio. What kind of equipment do they use? Do some research on their equipment to see if it is professional grade. How do they handle audio? Will they mic certain individuals or is the camera mic of a high enough quality? All of this information that you have gathered is absolutely essential in order to get a total feel for each candidate that you consider. Once you are able to make some comparisons, you should be able to make an informed decision on who should be your professional videographer.

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