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One of the first things that you should think about once you have agreed to say I do is to take a deep breath. We know that you must be super excited for all that lay ahead of you. And we don't blame you, this is one of the most exciting times in your life. You probably have hundreds of thoughts swirling through your mind as to what you want your big day to be like. One of your first concerns will be to start looking for a dress. But right up there with your dress in terms of priorities should be your wedding venue. Your venue is very important for many reasons. This is where most of your wedding action will take place. Once you have said I do and the ceremony is over which usually takes 30 minutes tops, you and all of your quests will be off to have some fun and really celebrate the coming together of two great people. This is where you and your guests will wolf down that scrumptious meal that your caterer will have prepared for them. And this is also the location where everyone will enjoy some amazing live entertainment. There are a number of activities that will also take place here including toasts from various friends and family members and your cake cutting. So, as you can see, choosing the right venue is very important. So, as you read this you are probably wondering what you should look for as you peruse the Kansas City area. Well, here are some helpful hints to help you with your search and eventual booking of a fabulous venue to hold your wedding reception.

Your first and foremost priority in booking a proper venue for you and your guests is making sure that the location provides a roomy fit for everyone. You want to be very careful here because as you step inside of venues, the space may appear to be very large when nothing is going on. But you need to picture it with all of your guests and other wedding items. Think about it. Is there going to be a buffet, is there going to be dancing, what about your entertainment. And then you also have to take into account all of your tables, chairs, a bar, and more. This is where the venue manager will really come in handy for you. The manger has a lot of familiarity with the venue and should know what it can house and not house. Of course, you will want to tell them the number of guests that will be coming. Talk to them about how other weddings that have been there have setup. This can help provide you with suggestions as to what you might do or not do. What about electrical outlets? Don't forget to ask about this because your band or DJ and other vendors including guests will need a certain amount? What is the shape of the room? Is it easily dividable into areas for various functionality?

Many couples don't think about privacy when it comes to their reception venue. But you will want to notice and ask the manager if the venue is setup in such a way that your reception will not be interrupted by unwanted guests. Find out if there is security to keep people out of your space. Lighting is also a very important consideration. Are you have a daytime wedding? If so, it can very nice to have plenty of windows to let in natural lighting. If your wedding is in the evening, is the lighting in the room sufficient to be mood setting and at the same time do they provide enough lighting for the entire space. Ask the manager if there have ever been any complaints about the lighting. It is a great idea to visit a venue that you are considering at the exact time of day that your reception will be. Then you can experience the lighting for yourself and determine whether you are satisfied with it or not. Take a good look at the décor. Are their any major problems with the walls or ceiling or drapes? What will your guests see when they first walk in? What do they allow you to do to the room in order to make it coordinate with your wedding décor? For instance, can you bring in rugs or artwork?

Ask about the parking. Are there enough available spaces for the number of people that you will have coming? What about bathrooms? The same question applies. What about dressing rooms for you and your wedding party to change? Is the facility handicapped accessible? We realize that this process may take some time and effort, but with the stakes so high, it is not only worth it but you will be happy when you end up with the perfect venue for your wedding reception.

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