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There are days in your life that are important and days that take center stage. Probably the one day in your life that is the most important is your wedding day. And with planning a wedding, we realize how many details there are to work on and get straight. You want everything to be absolutely perfect and we understand that for sure. But while you are going to concentrate on certain aspects of your wedding like photography, catering, or your entertainment, we are sure that you want every part of your wedding to be amazing and well executed. Many people get so wrapped up in certain arenas of their wedding that they forget all about the reason that they are having an event at all, to say I do. If you had the choice between your ceremony going smoothly and not going smoothly, we are sure that you would choose the former. But if you do not take your search for a professional officiant very seriously, you are running a great risk of the latter. We are here to tell you emphatically that you need and absolutely must have a very experienced and professional wedding officiant controlling all that goes on at your ceremony. That is if you do not want any surprises. But make sure that you not only find the individual who will officiate all of the various events you need, but you want someone who fits you and your fiance personally. So, you are probably wondering how in the world are you going to go about finding someone like that. Well, never fear, we are here to help. Below is a guide that we hope helps you as you peruse the Kansas City area for that perfect wedding officiant.

So, where to begin. We recommend the world wide web as a source of potential candidates to interview. You can start by doing a Google search for “wedding officiants in the Kansas City area.” You will soon find out that the Kansas City area has many officiants for you to consider. At this point you are probably wondering where to go with such a long list of potential candidates. Another potential source is wedding vendor websites. The great thing about these websites is that you can search by specific area and they also list reviews of vendors so you will have a chance to read what others have said about their services. Take your time and start checking out individual officiant pages. Check out how professional their website looks, does it reflect someone that you might like to work with? They will probably have something on their site about their wedding philosophy. Read this very carefully, does their statements sound like something that you agree with. Do they list the activities that are usually included in the weddings that they preside over. Do they mention anything about allowing their clients to customize their weddings. For the ones that you take a liking to, add them to a list you are creating that you will eventually want to check out. When you have at least 3 to 5 potential officiants,setup some interviews.

When you sit down face to face, you will want to start your conversation by talking about what you possibly had in mind for your ceremony. What do they think of your ideas? Id there anything that you mentioned that they feel they would not be able to do for whatever reason? Ask them about their philosophy of what events should be part of a ceremony and if they believe in any particular order. What if you and your fiance want to write your own vows? First of all, is this alright and if it is, will they help you with writing them if you feel that you need help. Have they ever officiated a wedding that was almost a disaster but that they were able to save? Have they ever done something at a wedding that they would never do again? Have they ever refused to officiate a wedding? If so, why? What do they enjoy about officiating weddings?

Are they licensed to perform a wedding in the state of Missouri? Do they require that you and your fiance meet with them for wedding counseling? If so, would this be an extra fee? Ask them if they can show you at least two videos of past weddings they have officiated. You want to get a sense of how they work and what they sounds like in front of you and your guests. Once you have finished with all of your interviews, you should be ready to make a choice.

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