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Kansas City Missouri Weddings...Live Bands

The Kansas City area is known for being a hub of the performing arts. From theater companies to dancing troupes to music venues, there is something for everyone. And this bodes well for you when it comes to your plans to book a live wedding band because you will have plenty of talent to peruse. And truly, there is nothing like live music to spice up a wedding reception and make it something very memorable. But with so much quality to pick from, you are going to need to head out on your search with a plan of attack. Think about it, surrounded by all all of these world class bands, you need to make sure that one of them are going to play at your wedding and that you do not get stuck with a subpar performance. We know that your guests sure will appreciate the effort on your part. There are some key factors that will play a role if you are to book a high quality band on one hand and one that knows weddings on the other hand. We are here to make sure that you do not make the wrong choice because you will regret it for the rest of your life. But if you make the right choice, you will have the greatest satisfaction knowing that you were a big part of the reason why your guests had an absolute blast at your reception. So, what role will we play in this all important search? We have put together a guide to help lead you to the live wedding band of your dreams. This guide includes advice and some questions that are absolutely essential to ask any live band that you consider to play at your wedding.

We cannot put it any other way than this: style, style , and style. You need to make sure that the live band that you hire for your wedding plays tunes that will satisfies the greatest number of your guests as is possible. This means hiring a band that can play everything from soft rock to 50s tunes to easy listening to even a little bit of country. Believe us when we tell you that if you hire a band that only specializes in one genre of music like punk for instance, you will alienate most of your guests and many of them will not want to stay at your reception much past the time they are finished with theur dinner. The wider the repertoire, the better. They also need to have quite a bit of wedding experience. Knowing how to play musical instruments and sing is one thing, but knowing how to play and handle all of the elements associated with a wedding is quite another. You need a band that will understand what to play and when to play and how to work all of your various events and announcements. This doesn't necessarily come naturally, it comes through doing it.

What will they be wearing to your wedding? Asking this is important because you don't want any surprises. If you don't like the answer they give, discuss what you would like and see if they are willing to accommodate your wishes. Talk about the time they should get to your venue to setup. The need to be ready before your guests arrive. How much room will they need for their equipment? You can relay this to your venue or the band can coordinate with the venue, find out which they prefer and decide on how you would like it handled.

Are they open to playing requests from your guests? Some bands don't mind this but some do. If it is something that you really want, this could be a deal breaker. If you really have your heart set on them learning a special song, ask them if that is possible? If you can, try and go see any band that you talk to and experience them live. If you cannot swing that, check out a video of a live wedding performance. Analyze how their stage presence how the crowd reacts to them. Are they comfortable being your emcee? How much have they had to do this in their wedding experience? Finally, is the price right for you. We know you probably have a budget, you need to decide if a group that you really like is worth going over your budget that you have set. But one word of warning, this is not an area that you want to skimp on or save a little bit of money when it could be the difference between having an amazing reception and having your guests screaming as they run for the exits.

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