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Whether most people think about this way or not, wedding flowers are one of the most important elements of your special day. All you need to do is to look at an official checklist of the flowers that you need for your wedding day and you will see how important. This is one reason that you need your own professional wedding florist working for you. Although most people associate floral needs with the bride's bouquet, you actually need flowers for your entire wedding party, your guests of honor, and as decorations. In fact, we have seen checklists that have as many as 25 items. While you have the option of not doing any of this, your wedding will look pretty bare and bleak if there are no or even a limited number of floral arrangements. So, we hope that you agree that you need the help of a professional wedding florist. Of course, you could try and take care of all of your floral needs yourself, but we don't recommend it..Remember, you want to actually enjoy this journey to your wedding day. So, we recommend that you start your search in the Kansas City area right now. Here are a few tips that will get you started on the right path to absolutely amazing floral arrangements for your big day.

As you begin looking for potential florists, the first thing that you need are some potential candidates to evaluate. If you know anyone who was recently married, you could speak with them about their experience and whether they would recommend the florist they used. You could also ask some of your other wedding vendors. Or maybe there is that cute florist structure that you drive by on your way to the store. Candidates can come from any number of sources. Of course, who can forget about the world wide web. You could simply do a Google search for “wedding florists in the Kansas City area.” When you have gathered a few names of possibilities, contact each one in order to have a meeting about your floral needs.

There are specific things you will want to find out to help you determine which florist is the best fit for you. Start with asking how long they have been working on weddings. You need and we want to stress that you need someone who knows wedding flowers like the back of their hand. This will put your mind at ease. Why did they get into the wedding floral business? What separates them from their competitors? Have they ever worked on other events other than weddings? Do they have an absolute passion for making a wedding all it can be? Take a look at their portfolio of past wedding work. Do you like what you see? Do they give you great confidence that they have the talent and the skills to pull off what you want? Ask them to describe their style. How open are they to creating in styles that they don't necessarily gravitate to themselves. Talk a bit about cost. A great florist should be able to tell you how you can save money on your arrangements. For instance, it is usually a lot cheaper to use flowers that are in-season. Do they mind if you bring in pictures of what you really like in order to have them try and recreate the picture? What about items like vases, aisle runners, candelabras, trees, votives, mirrors and more? Can they provide these?

You will want to determine a floral budget and let each candidate know what it is. Ask them if they feel they will be able to create what you want for the budget that you have set. Find out how long setup will take. Are they willing to do a venue walk through in order to determine what can be done and where? Will they be able to physically be at your venues on your wedding day? Do they require a deposit? All of this information should be able to lead you to the right florist for you. When you figure out who that is, do not hesitate to book them and get ready to smell the flowers, your flowers.

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